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We are currently fundraising so that Congresbury can have a new central village hall for everyone to enjoy.

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Village Hall Survey – Public Works Loan

The purpose of the simple survey is to assess the level of the support for the parish council taking out a loan. Click here for an update regarding feedback the survey has received.

Please complete the VILLAGE HALL LOAN SURVEY by 26th April 2019. It’ll take less than a minute. Thank you.

A new Village Hall in Congresbury…

A place for parties, activities, classes, groups, clubs, music, theatre,

cinema, sports, events, child’s play, a youth centre and more…

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This exciting new village project needs your support. We are already working to secure the majority of funding needed but in order to achieve this fantastic new building we need more help.

The latest plans for Congresbury Village Hall can be seen here and we welcome any feedback you may have. You can also stay up to date with the project and fundraising events on our FB page.

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