Part of the feedback we received from the pledge request meeting regarded sorting out the pedestrian crossing at the Precinct as some see that as a higher priority.

There is currently an opportunity to lobby the Parish Council by commenting on its transport section of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The plan includes the following measure – ‘Apply a 20 mph speed limit on the B3133 from the Ship and Castle to the Precinct and all residential roads off both the A370, and the B3133 to improve the environment of Congresbury’. That is a start but upgrading the crossing to traffic light controlled would be the best option but would need significant evidence of vehicles not stopping etc. to put to the Parish Council so it could be included in the Neighbourhood Plan and for them to lobby North Somerset Council to pay for the upgrade. The alternative would be for the community to say use crowdfunding to raise the necessary funding.

The Parish Council website details how you can comment on the Neighbourhood Plan and there are various drop in sessions during August and September. The consultation period ends on 17th September 2018.  If concerned residents want to get together to discuss this please email Ian Sheppard at