As part of the funding towards the cost of building the new village hall / community centre, the Parish Council are working with Congresbury Village Hall limited to look at the option of the council applying for a Public Works Loan (PWL).

The Public Works Loan Board lends Government funds to Parish Councils at low interest rates, with the council making the repayments. This would require an increase in each household’s council tax so Congresbury residents are being asked whether they would support the loan and small increase in council tax repayments in order to part fund the village hall.  The £500,000 loan would be paid back over 20 years and obtaining the loan would also help secure other major funding needed for the building. This type of loan has been used by other Parish Councils and local authorities across the country to help fund similar local building projects.

Ian Sheppard, Chair of CVHL points out, “What else can you buy for 29p to 85p a week (depending on your council tax band) and see the fruits on your doorstep for generations? The Parish Council need to know the village want this building and are prepared to pay more on their council tax. They will not make a loan application unless as a village we make it clear that is what we want.”

As well as the online survey, hard copies of the survey and information about the PWL will be delivered to every household in the village. Residents are being asked to complete the survey by 30th April 2019.